Today I had planned on another 10 miler with a slow pace (around 10 mins/mile). I realized i wasn’t going to have enough time to get all the way done with that run, so I improvised.

One of my major goals is to run under 2 hours for a half marathon and to get there I will need to increase my overall speed. I have done some quicker workouts but had never tried incorporating them into my daily runs or doing them with any consistency.

I used my first two miles as a warmup at 10 mins/mile. And then when mile 2 hit I picked it up. The original plan was to get to 9 mins/mile and keep that for three miles. Once I was moving at a slightly less than comfortable pace I checked my watch and I was at 830/mile. This felt sustainable so I went for it.

It was a tough but reasonable pace and I was able to keep it up until mile 5 when I slowed back down for two more 10 min miles to close it out. These were actually a bit tougher than I’d like, but mainly because my legs were sore for the 10 miler 2 days ago.

As I look towards some upcoming races I plan on keeping this run on a weekly basis as a great training tool, and perhaps incorporating some of these faster portions into a longer run as well.